Decisions, decisions, decisions


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It’s so difficult to be a woman, so many hard decisions to make 🙂 What I’m talking about? Ouu, Zara SALE!!! I have spent two days on looking and choosing items. Have I ordered anything? NO! Can’t decide what to take and what to leave. There’s a million questions and doubts in my head. Do I really need them? Haven’t I already bought something similar? Is there enough room in my closet? Is it right time to buy these? Maybe I’m the only one who wants these items and it means I could buy them later with better prices?  But maybe those are last pieces and I will lose them forever? I already missed a pair of shoes. I had my size in basket, but I was still thinking and deciding, so meanwhile someone bought them and now my size is sold out! But let’s hope I will make some good choices! Then I can have another photoshoot and show my picks to you! Meanwhile enjoy my previous picks/pics 😉

Have a nice weekend, see you soon 😉

Outfit details: knitted sweater, leather culottes, necklace- Lindex; shoes– ZARA



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Lubasin suure suuga veel pilte kleidist ja bikiinidest, aga kuna Eestis on hetkel suvi, siis pole aega postitamiseks olnud. Terve nädal on olnud mega ilmad ja neist ei saanud ju ühtegi raisku lasta. Seega olen iga päev rannas olnud ja lihtsalt ilma nautinud. Täna öösel siis asusin pilte valima ja siin seekordne valik. Valge pitskleit on selle suve MUST HAVE! Nüüd kui on alanud ametlikult suvekuu ehk juuni, siis saab sellega niisama bikiinide peal linnas ringi liikuda. Väga naiselik ja võluv!
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