Music Is The Answer



This holiday week (only holiday for me this summer) has been quite extraordinary. I did things that I haven’t done before. I went to Scooter concert Wild and Wicked. It was such a joy to go wild, jump and scream as loud as you can, all my kind of staff 🙂 It was so good to let the music lead you.
First time went to forest to pick wild blueberries. I have picked some other berries, but never blueberries before. It was totally opposite activity of Scooter concert. Really quiet, fresh air and berries all around you. Just being alone with your thoughts, picking and eating fresh berries, breathing clean forest air- really relaxing.
Adding picture of both event because you know the saying “pic or it didn’t happen” 🙂

Selfie at Scooter concert fanzone
My picked blueberries