Masculine, feminine, or both?


Weather has been kind to us with all the sunshine and warmth. There hasn’t been so warm autumn as long as I can remember. And when it’s not all dark and rainy you might want to wear something cheerful. So I ended up with floral dress, hoodie, moto jacket, fishnet tights and biker boots. A bit unexpected combination, but I like to mix feminine and masculine. To be honest my hoodie is actually from mens collection. I didn’t just take my boyfriend’s one, I bought it to myself. Just because I liked the colour and they didn’t have it for women.
Anyway I was dressing and I had already on this lovely dress and hoodie. I knew that most probably I will wear my staple moto jacket and biker boots, but I can’t go with bare legs, it’s not so warm. I guess you noticed the dress has nice side slit. That inspired me to wear kind of tights that show appreciation to this slit. So I chose fishnet tights and I layered them up with socks.
TREND ALERT: invest to hosiery- lace tights, spotty tights,  tights with crystal embellishments, colourful tights, all sort of animal print tights and more… Check the trend up and choose what suits your style.

Now let’s count the points, 3 to masculinity- jacket, hoodie, boots and 2 to femininity- dress and tights. To bring the balance and complete the look I added something very feminine- red lips. It’s the power lip!
Side note: please wear more bold lipstick.

Thanks for keeping up with me.

Remember! Layers are the key 🙂

Snowy Day, Hooray!


So happy to have snowy day for a change. It has been raining for so long and all the darkness started to get to me. Quite frustrating to wake up in a dark, have a day without any sun and then go home in a darkness again. And it has been that way several months already. That’s why I’m really happy about snow, it brought at least some extra light to my days. Also it gives me good reason to wear my newest fur coat.
I was lucky enough to get this fake fur coat from H&M. Baby blue colour is so perfect and coat looks so luxurious. Earlier in autumn there was also a pink one, but that I missed which can be a good thing, because otherwise I would like to get them both and I don’t have any room left in my closet.
I’m also wearing my ERDEM x H&M knee highs, aren’t they great? 🙂

While I’m writing this post I can hear that it’s started to rain again. So bye-bye snow and hell-o muddy darkness.